TE Walrath's Core Values

» Dependable, service with integrity
» Accountable, responsible leadership
» Equipping people for success
» Dedicated to family and community

Core Purpose

Enhancing lives by serving others

TE Walrath's Mission Statement

TE Walrath actively pursues to improve the quality of life of its employees and community by delivering superior products and service.

TE Walrath's Core Values Made Clear

Dependable service with integrity

» Serving others with pride and dedication
» We do what we say through determination and strong work ethic
» Goals achieved by focused teamwork
» Ability to adapt to changing circumstances

Accountable, responsible leadership

» Every (TE Walrath) employee is a leader
» Meeting our goals with confidence and efficiency
» Model strong work ethic, led by example
» We do the right thing when no one is looking
» Open door policy at all levels
» We take ownership of our actions
» Honesty, loyalty and guidance

Equipping people for success

» Sharing knowledge and information openly
» Honest communication is essential
» Creating opportunities for personal growth
» Building teams, encouraging team work
» Mentoring with patience and determination

Dedicated to family and community

» We build relationship through compassion
» We encourage family recreation and balanced lifestyles
» We believe family comes first
» We give respect, we earn respect